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    Comcast router wont allow acces to sling box?

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      I just swithced of from a Lynksys router to the internal comcast router included with the modem.  My network does not recognize my slingbox now?  How to configure router to allow Slingbox on network.

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello John!


          Changing the network settings differs based on your Slingbox model. I've linked articles below that go through the steps based on the newest models, just in case:



          You can also complete a factory reset on the Slingbox and it will take you back through the network settings for any Slingbox model. I'll link an article with those steps as well, just in case:



          I hope this helps!


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              I recently received a new Comcast router with the four Ethernet connections in the back. I got my Slingbox AV to work with outside my home network.  What I did was changed the IP settings with the software program that came with the sling box since the new router has a different class IP setting which starts with 10.0.0.X. So I matched it to the sling box AV like this. or whatever your last number is. Opened port 5001 on the port forwarding.  This did not work. So I left that there, went to advanced settings and manually added the Slingbox to the menu as other, populated the fields there with the new IP and mac address of the Slingbox, It still did not work. Left it there.  Finally, I just added the sling box to the DMZ as a stand alone and that did the trick.  I configured  the router manually on the sling box Network settings by just going down the list until one of the router listings worked. I port triggered also.  It seems to work fine, I'm not sure about its security so I'm going to run a scan on the router it using GRC.COM tools on that web site.  I hope this helps anyone trying to connect using there Comcast routers. One other thing.  Once Slingbox is installed on your computer, you can copy all the files on to a jump drive and run it from any windows compatable computer without installing the software on it.  Happy Slinging..............