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    Slingbox 500 and Comcast X1


      Does the Slingbox 500 work with the Comcast X1 platform?


      I got my SB500 when I was with DirecTV and it worked fine. 


      Since I switched over to Comcast X1 DVR, I can't 'watch' my sling.

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice



          Yes, the Slingbox 500 should work with the Comcast X1 platform without an issue; you can view this should our video source tool as well:



          If you are still using HDMI cables though, it is possible that the new X1 box does have HDCP or SOC copyright protection software installed. If this if the case, you would just need to remove the HDMI cables and replace them with component and the power cycle the X1 box (unplug this and plug it back in). If you changed how your cables are setup before hand, I would also check the "Settings" when connected to the Slingbox and see if you are on the correct video source.


          If all else fails, I would also attempt a hard reset on the Slingbox itself to make sure the firmware didn't error out:



          I hope this helps!


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            I have just switched to X1 and the set up did not support the pace px032ani cable box.  It used a RF signal and not Ir so even the remote ir did not work.  the new box does not have a component capability only HDMI.  So at this time I don't see a way to hook up.  Just as additional info before the upgrade to X! I had no problem with the slingbox with the old cable box

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                Did this ever get answered? I have the same issue as I just upgraded to X1 platform. It's my understanding that I will need a component or composite converter. I'm not sure which and still looking for an answer. Let me know about any resolution as my current X1 does not support component or composite.

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                    I'm not sure where you two gentlemen are located but I am in Texas and I have Comcast X1 platform boxes and I connected my Slingbox 500 with no problems. The DVR and Standard boxes I have everything, HDMI,  component and composite connections on the back. I set my Standard X1 box up with Component and HDMI like the instructions state and it was no problem. I'm watching it now and my PC's and Tablets work great. As you can see in the pic, the box has all the connections. Call Comcast and possibly get another one.




                    X1 Box.JPG

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                      eric_b Newbie

                      It sounds like the new X1 boxes only have HDMI out and no component option.  The folks that have it working with component out have an older X1 box (or, their area just has 'older' model boxes).  It sounds like you are running into the problems with HDCP or SOC where content is blocked from doing things like sending the signal to 'unauthorized' types of output.  You can read up on it in Samantha's link.  In any case, the most recommended option is an HDMI splitter that splits the signal to HDMI out and component.




                      The device has the side-effect of removing HDCP and SOC encryption.