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    Black Screen when viewing Remotely

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      I have a Slingbox M1 which I successfully configured and was able to view content remotely on the iPhone Player and via ChromeCast. Previously, this worked both in a town near where the Slingbox is located as well in another town over 100 miles away.  It worked in both towns over the iPhone's cellular network (or WiFi) and ChromeCast (over WiFi).


      However, recently, although it still works when viewing in the nearby town (via cellular, the same WiFi, or different WiFi), it no longer works when trying to view it in the town 100 miles away.  I originally thought it was a problem with the remote ChromeCast or the remote WiFi, but it also doesn't work over the iPhone cellular connection when in this distant town.


      Although I can connect remotely to the Slingbox and seemingly stream the content, all I see is a black screen.  In fact, I can use the PC-based Slingplayer to connect and stream (a black screen) and then open the iPhone, recognize that the PC Slingplayer has the connection, break the PC Slingplayer connection, and then connect and stream (a black screen) on the iPhone Player.


      So, it appears that I'm able connect/disconnect just fine, but the video is not coming through; only a black screen on all devices when used 100 miles away from the Slingbox.  However, these same devices work just fine when used in the nearby town.  I am completely baffled as it makes no sense.


      It would seem that there must be some kind of video incompatibility, but why would it only happen remotely and, if so, what might have changed since I first configured and used it successfully?


      Thanks for your help.