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    Why has my slingbox 350 stopped working.

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      It's not very clear to me, but, if I'm interpreting this information correctly, my Sling box stopped working because of a software upgrade. And, because that software update makes my windows operating system(s), (Vista professional, on my home desktop and xp on two other computers located in Pennsylvania and Florida), useless now. They don't have enough memory or storage space to upgrade to windows 7, 8, 8.1 or whatever may come in the future. So, that means that I'm looking at buying at least 2 new computers (I can upgrade my home desktop to windows 7) Although for how long before another sling box upgrade makes this one obsolete also? So, instead of subscribing to the local cable stations, (basic) I bought a sling box 350 that I thought would work, until it broke. I thought that would save me money. Now, I will have to buy two new computers which makes my sling box purchase quite the mistake. Does anyone know how to skirt the upgrade and make it work with the old operating systems?