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    Watching output from a Slingbox on a remote TV

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      The Slingbox FAQ says:


      "How can I watch remotely on a TV set?

      You can watch your Slingbox on a TV using a connected device, such as Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV. Simply connect the device to your TV via HDMI, connect it to your home network, and use the Slingplayer mobile app for iOS or Android to play to the TV via the connected streamer."


      This isn't clear. Normally, the Slingbox and the connected device are connected to your home network. The Slingbox sends the signal from them to the Internet where it can be watched anywhere. You WATCH with the mobile apps on mobile devices. How can you "play to the TV via the connected streamer" using the mobile app? Is the mobile app resending your programs to a remote TV over the Internet? How?


      The statement also doesn't make clear which TV should be connected to a Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV. Is it the one at home or is it the remote TV or both? A diagram would be helpful.