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    Virgin 152mB/sec Speed degrades after 10:00pm?

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      Hi there,


      We are currently in the US where we receive a 50mB/sec Verizon FIOS service. That is 50mB upload and 50mB download and the speedtest checks verify this.


      In the UK we pay for a Virgin speed of 152mB/sec and have Slingbox 350 with which we watch UK TV programmes on our computer here in the US.


      During the daytime here (we are 5 hours behind GMT) Slingbox reports our speeds as 3800kbps or so ... and yet for the last several days around 5:00pm (10:00pm GMT) the Slingbox reports that the speed is 232kbps and the picture is awful! I am convinced that the problem is with Virgin since the speed-check here gives the same readings throughout the day. I have no way of checking the speed at our UK house... can anyone offer some insights?



      thanks in anticipation,