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    Problem with Keyboard Shortcuts after Installing Plugin


      I have my TiVo connected to my Slingbox 500, and I watch Slingbox via Firefox on my laptop (MacBook) in full screen.  I use keyboard shortcuts for the remote instead of going out of full screen to use the pop-up remote.  For me, clicking "f" for fast forward and "p" for play is much faster and easier.

      When I installed the latest plugin (, I immediately noticed that the keyboard shortcuts no longer work (except the arrow keys, which still work) .  When I place my cursor on the remote, I still see the shortcut hints pop up for each of the keys.  When I discussed this problem with a support agent on chat, she did not seem to know what I was talking about, so here's a screenshot to show how keyboard shortcuts appear on the remote:

      Screen shot 2015-03-09 at 8.00.52 PM.png

      The support agent suggested that I delete the new plugin and gave me instructions on how to do so (Slingbox.com - Installing/removing browser plug-in for Watch on Slingbox.com).  However, the instructions directed me to delete an extension, not a plugin.  When I found the plugin, there was no option to delete it.

      Does anyone have a fix for this problem so that I can use my keyboard shortcuts again?

      The support agent suggested that removing the keyboard shortcuts may be part of the new update.  If it is, I do NOT like this update.  It makes using my Slingbox more cumbersome and less enjoyable.

      Until this problem is resolved, I'll go back to watching shows on Netflix.

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          I can confirm the same issue on Safari (OS X Yosemite). They screwed something up with the plugin update. I don't get how they didn't test for this!

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            Definitely not an isolated instance. Having the same issue on Safari (OS X Yosemite). This plugin not only inactivated the keyboard strokes, but also appears to have added fullscreen advertisements that appear when the cursor is active (shrinking the fullscreen aspect to place an advertisement below the video).  And without the functionality of the keyboard strokes, the cursor is frequently active to manually press the remote buttons.  It also seems that since updating, the buffering time for HD quality is markedly prolonged from initiation of connection (not an issue when streaming to other devices like an iPad that is in the same wifi network, with both the hosting Slingbox and receiving networks having 80Mbps+ connections). And as someone who AirPlays to an AppleTV, this entire plugin update is very much unwelcome to the Slingplayer experience.  Resolutions from members or Slingbox representatives are requested and appreciated.

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              I am experiencing the same problem. I called support and he wouldn't talk to me without a $30 fee because I am out of warranty. If they broke their product it is not my fault and it isn't my responsibility to pay for their incompetence! The support agent wouldn't even acknowledge that something might be wrong. I let him know it was broken and them he assured me it is not broken and I should just use a mouse on the onscreen remote. I made sure to assure him that it is indeed broken. If a button shows a keyboard shortcut and the keyboard shortcut is totally unresponsive, then that is most definitely considered a bug by any definition of the word. He let me know that there is nothing he can do about a plugin and that maybe a member of the engineering team would see this on the forums and respond by creating a fix.

              Engineering team! It's broken! Please fix it!

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                I've been a Slingbox owner and user for years. My advice to anyone considering buying one would be DON'T. This issue of removing the ease of using keyboard commands while viewing full-screen for no good reason and certainly to the detriment of owners/customers, not acknowledging this problem via support like this page, and adding advertising which now interferes with watching, shows that Sling is not interested in giving you an enjoyable experience. Why don't you step up Slingbox and admit that your latest (forced) upgrade of your plugin has made watching Slingbox a pain instead of a joy?

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                  Ah, glad I've found some kindred souls here.  My grandmother uses a Slingplayer on her PC as she's pretty much blind and needs to sit directly in front of the screen see anything at all and using the numpad on her keyboard lets her actually change channels.  Since these updates, her slingplayer is covered in adverts, the numpad quit working and double clicking the screen doesn't seem to go to full-screen anymore.  This went from her being her only pass time she can really do on her own to a nightmarish  endeavor just to watch TV.  Also, has anyone noticed the Slingplayer turning off their STB's after a period of time since this update?  Also another nuisance, since she can't see to turn it back on.  Is it time to find a better solution or does anyone think these issues have a chance of being fixed?



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                    This is a horrible update. Almost unusable compared to the past.


                    I will consider other options and dump these boxes.

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                      Come on Slingbox!! Support means more than putting up a webpage so people can ask for help, to which you don't seem to respond. I loved my Slingbox. Your update, as we've been saying, took away keyboard shortcuts, making controlling the viewing a real pain. You have not responded to these questions. Why can't you tell us if this is known to you, and what you are doing about it? You have ruined a good thing, and your support SUCKS!!!!


                      WAKE UP! Let's see some first- or even second-class support, something other than the poor job you are doing for us, the people who pay you. You should be ashamed.

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                          Fellow Slingbox sufferers: I just discovered that the keyboard commands DO WORK when not viewing full screen. I don't think they did before. In fact I thought they were only to be used when viewing full screen. If you can make them work when viewing small screen, why in the world are they disabled for full screen?

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                              brian163 Newbie

                              Fast forward a few months, and the problem persists using plugin, at least in Mac Safari 8.0.8. More than a little disappointing. It would seem Sling has been reduced to a shell of a company with overseas development and support that you have to pay for only to be likely told there is no fix or "they are working on it". I can't help but wonder if they will be around much longer. (Probably not, if potential customers come to the forums before taking the plunge. Remember the justification for the ads? TO SUPPORT ONGOING DEVELOPMENT. Yet 6 months go by and they can't develop a version of their plug-in that restores basic functionality? What a joke.)


                              Anyhow, I also observed the behavior Mr. Levine shared regarding small screen as well. What I also noted, at least on Safari, is that you must click on the remote once to bring it into "focus". Then the hover-over keyboard shortcuts appear and actually work. If you click back onto the window displaying the video itself, it stops working. I'm not sure how they are drawing the remote on screen but it appears to be messing with the active window. Which I think also explains why it doesn't work in full screen mode, as in that mode you can't bring the remote "forward". (Think window layers...)


                              On a whim, I decided to try Chrome because I knew it did not use the same /Library/Internet Plug-Ins extension that Safari and Firefox use. Sure enough, it requires a separate installer and is actually installed as an application that is called from the Sling window in Chrome. Voila! Problem resolved. Shortcuts display on hover-over of buttons on the remote and they work while the remote is displayed in small screen mode and with or without remote displaying in full screen.


                              I don't  generally use Chrome but I'll take this work around to be able to beam the play (P), Pause (U), and Fast Forward (F) keystrokes to my laptop displaying Sling on my big screen TV via a FLIRC IR dongle using my standard receiver remote from across the room! ;-)

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                                  The new SlingPlayer Desktop software did bring back my shortcuts. Like you also seem to do, I taught IR keyboard shortcuts to learning infrared (IR) remote controls to enable my wife and I to use standard remote controls away from home. I just plug in the USB IR receiver and then an HDMI cable to the motel TV and we watch our Dish Network receiver/dvr  like we do at home. (I have Slingbox SB200-100s, Solos and 300-100s). It works well if the motel has decent Wi-Fi (although you have to wait for a second or so for the remote control commands to work). There are a couple of bugs in their software though. I had to write a batch file to delete some files to enable using the SlingPlayer Desktop more than once without turning the laptop off and back on. Otherwise my laptop freezes. I also have to click "try again" when choosing a Slingbox as the software tries to bring up the Slingbox directory before its ready. These problems could probably be easily be fixed by their software engineers. I often still use the legacy Slingbox 2 software. It's much easier to use and I never had problems with shortcuts. Also, it has settings for adjusting volume, contrast, brightness and color. Their software for a Kindle Fire also has problems. It can go to the wrong channel. For instance if I use the Slingbox program guide or the keyboard to switch to USA (channel 105) it tries to find channel 10-5 and switches to 9-2 (MeTV) instead. If I use the image of the Dish Remote control, it works like it should.