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    SlingPlayer outdated channel listings


      I've read a number of similar discussions on this forum regarding outdated channel listings on SlingPlayer.  The standard response from SlingBox is that once Zap2it (the 3rd party provider for channel guide listings) updates their database, the SlingPlayer guide should eventually show the correct channel listings.  In my case, the channels I'm seeing via SlingPlayer are incorrect -- they're at least a year out of date.  However, when I access the same tv provider listing directly via the Zap2it website, it does show the correct channel listings there.  Depending on how SlingBox architected this link to Zap2it, the cause of this issue appears to be one of two possibilities -- either SlingPlayer is picking up an outdated Zap2it database, or Zap2it is sending outdated data to SlingPlayer.  FYI -- my tv provider is Shaw Digital Cable in Vancouver, BC.


      BTW -- when setting up my tv service, it's listed as "Shaw Cablesystems - Digital (non-rebuild) (Vancouver)" -- exactly what does "non-rebuild" mean?