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    Fast internet but choppy video on 500 but not Solo?

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      I'm currently living for a few weeks in Abu Dhabi at a refinery man camp . At home (US), I have both an old Solo and a new 500 hooked up to 2 TWC cable boxes with Cat 5 connections (5 Mb/s upload whenever I last checked).


      I have my work laptop (Dell Latitude E5440) connected to internet (Cat 5). So at first everything was great.  The 500 looked fantastic and I was as happy as one can be sitting in an air conditioned box, within a man camp in the middle of the fricken desert.  I even have it plugged into the TV via HDMI so almost like being at home watching college BBall.  I Speedtested the internet at the time and it was 10 - 15 Mb/s download. 


      Then on March 1st, they changed the internet to some other provider.  And now when I check the speed via speedtest.net, it's even faster: 30 Mb/s download with 9 ms ping.  The connection on the sling web player always shows excellent.  I'm using Firefox as the browser.


      However, the video from my 500 stops and starts while the audio usually keeps going - but sometimes also cuts out.  It's now unwatchable for a BBall game and most everything else.  I've tried reducing quality settings to the bottom level and tried switching inputs from component to composite with no improvement.  I also had my son at home unplug the 500 for a minute or so to reboot.


      But my Solo works fine though the video quality is not very good to watch BBall.


      I have an iPhone 6 and the 500 looks good thru 3G data.  I don't recall if I tested over wifi but can check. 


      Any ideas on what could be the issue?  Thanks as I really would like to be able to watch upcoming BBall games on the 500.