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    New Slingplayer comes with adds - how can I stop this

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      the latest version of the sling player comes with adds showing stupid advertisings. This new "feature" really disturbs me a lot and I understand, what they are doing. But I don't want this. Taking into account, that I've played for the sling box - I don't accept this.

      So - what can I do to get rid of it? Is there a trick?  can I pay for the player to get it free? so what is the deal?
      I am very close to look into alternatives to sling box and put my box into the trash can!

      Is unacceptable.


      Anybody an idea?

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          The browser based Slingplayer gets worse with every update. The advertising has become more intrusive and now occupies more screen space than the actual streaming image. I assume this is Sling's way of generating revenue to offset their service costs. I assume at some point they will offer a paid service plan that enables users to skip all the advertising. Until then I guess we will have to live with their attempt at taking advantage of their UI surface by ******* off users with unwanted advertising.


          It would be awesome if some developer would create a new PC browser Slingplayer version that does not include advertising panels.

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            1. Run No Script.  The result is absolutely NO ADS!


            2. Have you tried the Popup Player option located at the top right with a rectangle icon.  This takes the video OUT of the browser tab and opens a separate WINDOW with minimal interface and can be resized for placement on your desktop.  Do the ads still appear in the Popup Player?