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    Video ads are an unwelcome "upgrade"


      I am a longtime Slingbox user and I am very disappointed that Slingbox's recent "upgrade" to its web based player introduces both banner ads and now video ads prior to being able to watch my own TV. I use my Slingbox in my home to turn my kitchen computer into a TV every morning and skipping ads is going to get old very quickly. This new "feature" has introduced WELL after the time that I originally purchased my slingbox and constitutes a significantly worse experience now than when I originally purchased and set up my slingbox.


      I used to have a good opinion of Slingbox and thought that I would upgrade my slingbox in the future. Now that Slingbox is forcing video advertisements on me, I am seriously considering purchasing a different product from one of Slingbox's competitors to replace a perfectly functional device that, for no good technological reason, has been "downgraded" to an advertising supported device--something which I would not, and did not, purchase.


      What is really disappointing is that (1) there are far too many upgrades required to the slingbox player plug-in which do not seem to be for my benefit, but for Slingbox's benefit, (2) Slingbox did not do a good job telling me abou the advertisements that I would be forced to watch after I dutifully installed the next player plug-in.


      I think that Slingbox ought to worry about hurting its brand with its existing and loyal customers. If you want to change your revenue model, that's fine, but that should be limited to your new products. Downgrading the functionality of an existing product is just bad customer relations.


      - David

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          Yeah, you are exactly right.


          I bought my Slingbox knowing it was not ad supported because my friend owned one and at that point the product was not advertising supported.


          Then all the sudden recently I've noticed more and more required ad viewing in order to use the box I already paid for. And yeah, the update doesn't make it more reliable or more trouble free viewing, it just has a required ad that I have to watch a portion of and thenceforth skip to the functionality.


          It's just a matter of time before Slingbox determines that your box is no longer profitable or worth providing updates for, and then it'll be a paperweight and time to throw it in the landfill just like all the other e-garbage.

          I used to recommend Slingbox to friends and family...But no longer.


          Classic bait & switch.  That's the American Dream for ya.

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              As a long time Slingbox customer with multiple devices, I'm about ready to call it quits with this company unless they do away with the advertisements.  If they want to advertise on the website player then OK fine... however having ads in the desktop applications is a terrible idea.


              The revenue they will lose from their loyal customers alone will far outweigh any profit from these ads.  We will no longer buy new product nor tell our family and friends about how great a company Sling "used to be".


              SlingBox, are you are listening to your customers?

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              These ads are unbelievable.  I was in the processing of moving into a new apartment and was looking forward to purchasing a new slingbox for my set-up.  No way now.  Looking for any other alternative.