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    Power Supply?


      Bought a SOLO in 2008.  It has worked fine until recently.  Stopped working.  Cannot connect with configuration manager or directory.

      Tried to reset.  Still cannot connect.  Power and Network lights just flashed on and off.

      Bought new SOLO this week.

      Power light flashes on and off network light stays off.  Cannot connect using configuration manager.

      Just for fun I took the "old" SOLO and plugged it into the new power supply and it works. (read here after I ordered the new SOLO that the PS sometimes go bad.  I guess it was the power supply.

      Here is my question.

      What is up with the new SOLO. The power light flashes on and off and nothing else.

      Tried to reset it.  Tried old and new power supply.  It just acts dead with the exception of the power light flashing on and off.

      Could it be an out of box failure?