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    I recently changed my router and havent been ale to connect since.


      I recently switched routers and can not connect to my slingbox solo.

      when I go to set it up again it appears on the directory but when I click it is states  admin password is not correct. and to go back to the slingbox directory choose my slingbox and enter the correct password.... then I go to the directory my slingbox shows up with a yellow warning light on it..and that it is unconfigured..... when I try and access it it can not connect to it. I have reset the sling box a few times thinking that it is easier to start from scratch.

      not sure what to do now.

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          eferz Expert

          You should perform a factory reset of the Slingbox (http://support.slingmedia.com/get/KB-1000038) then reconfigure it through the Setup Assistant of the Slingplayer desktop.

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            darnellchat Newbie

            Was an answer ever found for this issue?


            I have the same problem.  A factory reset has not helped.  After a factory reset, if I try to setup the Slingbox using the web interface I have the same issue that pri74 mentioned.  If I try to setup my Slingbox Classic using Windows SlingPlayer, I get a message saying "This device is not supported by SlingPlayer.  Click here to view a list of supported devices."  The word "here" just has a link to show what boxes are supported by what tools and it shows Slingbox Classic is supported on both the Windows Slingplayer and the Web interface.  But I can't get either to work.


            I know this thread says there is an assumed answer, but was this problem ever really resolved?  Facotry reset has not been helping me. (Done it several times.) I also see the yellow icon in the web setup interface, but get a message about bad password when trying to continue setup.

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                darnellchat Newbie

                So I paid the $29.99 for tech support and got the answer for my particular issue.  I had my Slingbox boxed away for years.  So it turns out mine needed some special work done to get it going.


                1. Performed a Hard Reset, not the same as a "Factory Reset", the Hard Reset wipes things even better.  To Hard Reset:
                  Hold reset button while unplugging power, then wait 30 seconds, hold reset button and plug power in, release reset button after plugging power in and waiting a few seconds.
                2. Install the old 1.5 Slingplayer software to upgrade the firmware to "v1.0.99 from 05/31/2007" and configure the Slingbox Classic.
                  The old 1.5 Slingplayer only works on 32bit Windows 7, it would not intall on my 64-bit Windows 7 machine, and I had to use one of my 32-bit Windows 7 machines for the install.
                  The old 1.5 software had to be used, because the 2.0 software can't communicate with a Slingbox Classic that does not have the newer firmware.
                3. Should be able to use the Web interface and install the newer 2.0 Slingplayer and use it at this point, after the newer firmware has been setup as mentioned in step #2 above. 


                My TV service provider here in Chattanooga, TN USA is EPB Fiber Optics.  They have boxes that are Cisco model CIS330.  This box is not in the Sling listing of set top boxes, but is the same as some other boxes.  I was able to set my Slingbox up to send remote control signals to a  "U-verse VIP1200" and it controls my EPB set top box just fine.  Seems Cisco model CIS330 and "U-verse VIP1200" are basically the exact same box and their remotes are pretty much identical.