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    My SlingCatcher no longer connects!

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      Help! My SlingCatcher seems to be working just fine but now it is no longer connecting across the 'net to either of my SlingBoxes. Has there been some sort of update or something that would have broken it? Do others still work? It boots and loads and displays all the menus as normal, it just won't connect to the devices, though. Help?

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          Hey Jeremy,


          I would double check the internet viewing setup on your Slingboxs. You can check internet viewing by going to setup.slingbox.com, and click on Set Up Internet Viewing. If that test comes back with anything other then "Ready for internet viewing", you may need to set port forwarding rules for your Slingboxs. For clear instructions on how to do this, click on the link below:


          Hope this helps,


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              Thanks, but I have confirmed from the same location that I am able to connect to both Slingboxes from a desktop PC, so there is no problem with the SlingBoxes themselves - it is completely just the SlingCatcher. I noticed that I had to install an updated plug-in on the desktop PC, which suggests an update from Sling. This is what I assume has broken the SlingCatcher. I have had the SlingCatcher check for a software update - none exists. Is this Sling's planned obsolescence of my otherwise working device?