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    Unable to install chrome extension


      I tried playing my Slingbox on my Windows 8.1 Surface Pro, which I've been doing for months.  I was prompted to install the Chrome Extension (which i have also done about a month ago).  I downloaded SlingplayerForChrome, and started the install.  I kept prompting me to "Please quit Google Chrome browser to continue.."  I killed the browser, but it was in an endless loop telling me to quit the browser.  I killed the installation script, ensured that Chrome was not running, and i still got the same endless loop.  I did it several times.  If I run the install script, it now says "Repair", but the actual extension does not show up under chrome://extensions/.


      Not sure what to try next.

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          I got the same result.  Had to do a hard shutdown

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            Same issue (Slingplayer extension SlingplayerChrome- for MAC)


            It would be really appreciated if a member of the Slingbox team could answer/address this issue, instead of releasing new version of this extension with the same problem.

            I would have assumed that an internal test at Slingbox would have rendered the same issues and not have caused a release of extension nor an article on webstie stating that all is good now -  (otherwise Slingbox should change its test environment).


            Pls. advise on ETA for WORKING solution, as chrome browser is essential for casting to TV (mobile apps don't work nearly as well as the casting via mobile app is weaker than that on a computer).

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              I had to same issue and found this thread. After some Google-ing I found that some other Chrome extensions make Chrome run in the background. Find the Chrome icon in the system tray and right click. If "Allow Google Chrome to run in the background" is checked, uncheck it. The extension finished installing right away for me.

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                britt.sling Apprentice

                Hello Charles,


                If you are not seeing a yellow bar at the top of your page asking to " Enable the SlingPlayer within your browser settings" try these steps:



                  1.  Launch Chrome

                  2.  Type "chrome://flags" (without quotes) into the address bar

                  3.  Scroll down and click "Enable" under "Enable NPAPI”.

                  4.  Quit Chrome, and restart the computer.



                If you are seeing that nasty yellow bar try this:



                1. Open a new tab in Chrome

                2. Click Apps in the top left-hand corner of the page

                3. You should the SlingPlayer for Chrome, if it is grey Click to enable it



                Hope this was helpful!