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    Slingbox M1 instability

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      My Slingbox M1 exhibits an aggravating instability in its operation.

      I use it only while at home and while it is connected to a set top box that is not otherwise being used by anyone at the time. 

      Typically, after I boot-up my computer and run SlingPlayer Desktop for the first time on any given day, the desired TV channel is displayed normally -- at least for a while.

      However, after just a few short moments of normal operation, the TV program is suddenly interrupted and is replaced by the error message "Your Slingbox is currently not Accessible."

      Repeated exercise of all available options on the SlingPlayer Desktop screen does not immediately restore Slingbox access and resume normal operations.

      Forcing the SlingPlayer program to end and restarting it offers no immediate relief either. 

      Sometimes, however, after access has been lost, and a long and variable time has passed, and I have left the error message on-screen the whole time, Slingbox access is suddenly restored and the TV program resumes with no action having been taken by me.

      On other occasions, if I have ended the SlingPlayer program in frustration after a loss of access and I have waited a long time before attempting to run it again, everything will work just fine and operations remain normal for the remainder of the day.

      In all instances, my internet access is never uninterrupted and there is no problem with my cable service, cable modem, or Linksys router. 


      Does anyone know the cause of this peculiar unstable behavior of the Slingbox M1?


      Does anyone know a cure?