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    comcast help

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      I was fine the other day and then all of a sudden I get the "unable to connect to x1 platform"   I also checked dropdown on my slingbox tab and it says my LAN is off. Is this the internet connection where the slingbox is located?? Whats odd is that xfinity also has a way to watch your tv remotely as well and that is working fine. So how could internet be out back in states??  Do I need to call comcast to go out to home?  Thanks

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey Tim Brown,


          The error message stated above"Unable to connect to X1 platform" is most definitely an error from your X1 cable box. This error means that your cable box can not connect to the X1 platform. I would start with having someone unplug the power to the X1 cable box, and replug it back it. If that does not solve the issue, you may need to reach out to Comcast support.


          The LAN off just means you are not on the same network, or local area network, as the Slingbox.


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