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    Can't get past 'Initializing' - using Safari

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      Have legacy Slingbox Solo direct connected to router. Saturday 2/28/2015 began encountering situation where new watch won't go past 'Initializing...'; worked fine earlier in day but problem started when went to relaunch app in evening. No changes to local network or PC occurred between operating service and initiation of problem. Am using Safari on an iMAC with OSx 10.9.5 (Mavericks); other devices (PCs and iPAD) both on and off my network operate normally. No firewall involved; rebooted cable modem and router; have good connection through router for all other functionality. Reset Safari (7.1.3 - 9537.85.12.18), cleared all cache; shutdown and rebooted system, including complete power shutdown. Verified SlingPlayer.plugin in Internet Plugins folder of Library; file dated Aug 20, 20149:55AM - 20MB.

      When I go to online setup it indicates I have the latest update and sees my device; when I go to the  "Set Up Internet Viewing" option it 'sees' and displays audio and video processing.


      Looking for solution.