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    I cannot switch between SlingBoxes


      I cannot switch between two SlingBoxes using SlingPlayer on my I Pad or my Boxee App. Yet I can using SlingPlayer on my PC Laptop. I have a I Pad2, a SlingBox on my Tivo/Comcast tv receiver and a SlingBox on my Satellite receiver. I am presently not close to my SlingBoxes.


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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi trlangley2002!


          When using the Slingplayer for iPad app, what happens when you try going through the settings menu?


          1) Once you are connected to a Slingbox, try going to the "Settings" menu in the lower left of your screen.


          2) Select the "Slingbox Directory" heading on the left.


          3) Hit the "Connect" button next to the Slingbox you're looking to connect to.


          4) Hit the "Live TV" button in the lower right of your screen (if it doesn't connect already).


          Hope this helps!



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              Hi evan, first, thank you for replying to my post. What you describe is the way to change between SlingBoxes. That is what I do. However, on my I Pad and my Boxee, when changing boxes, it says I am connected to my second SlingBox but the signal stays the same as the first slingbox. Same video and sound. Using the SlingPlayer on my laptop running Windows it works fine. Both SlingBoxes come in. That is my question, why?


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                  evan.sling Novice

                  Hmm.  Normally such issues occur across all platforms, in which case, what I would have you try is resetting the Slingbox.  In this case, since that function is working on the computer, it is likely to be something with the apps themselves.


                  What I would suggest is that you uninstall and reinstall the Slingplayer for iPad application.  Doing this tends to clear most issues with the application itself.  Here is an article with the process for uninstalling/reinstalling the Slingplayer app.


                  Slingbox.com - Uninstall and reinstall of SlingPlayer iPad and iPhone


                  The Boxee app is no longer supported, and we cannot guarantee it will work as expected.  However, if the reinstall clears the issue on the iPad, trying something similar on the Boxee probably wouldn't hurt.


                  Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.  Let me know if this does not work.