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    M1 setup for Wave TiVo T6


      Just got a TiVo T6 from Wave Broadband. Don't know what available TiVo is compatible with the available options on the M1 configuration. Does anyone know the equivalent TiVo Series remote?

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey UUaldo,


          We have many TiVo models within the list to choose from. I would recommend using the link below to search TiVo to see what remotes we have available:


          Hope this helps!


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              Hello Anthony,




              Thanks for the feedback. The tool you refer to appears to contain either the

              same or slightly older data than the Windows desktop Slingplayer

              application. I used the Roamio Plus remote as it looks very similar to the

              Wave Broadband TiVo T6 remote. It lacks only the "on demand" button




              Spoke with Sling phone support and Rhonda suggested I make sure the TiVo was

              in IR mode. I still need to check this out as the box is not yet responding

              to my commands. I would expect the box to accept IR and RF commands rather

              than it having a mode switch for one or the other. I will need to probe Wave

              support since my online searches have yielded very little info on this





              I also need to verify where the IR receiver is on the box so I can place the

              Sling IR blaster in just the right spot.




              I will report back when I find out what works so others with this box won't

              have to figure it out for themselves.




              Thanks again,