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    Sling Watch?

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      Hello,  years ago I bought a product which I think was called Sling Watch?  When you already have a SlingBox the Sling-Watch is a box that basically replaces the need for having to receive sling content on a PC and then feed it to your TV. The sling Watch comes with its own remote control, connect it between the internet and the TV you want to display content on and it allows you to simply logon to your remote slingbox and control the content.  I have one in France and it works in tandem with my slingbox in the UK.  I can't seem to track this product down, can anyone advise on if it is still available or what its replacement is?


      In this instance I want to use it in the same house (same network) that my slingbox is on but use it to stream content to another TV (not a smart TV) in another room of my house.


      Thank you