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    Complete Novice Needing Help Please


      Hi, I am about to move from the UK to the Middle East.  I am a tv lover and have been recommended Slingbox.

      I currently have 2 sky plus HD boxes at home in the UK (on multiroom).  I have fibre so broadband speeds of about 15.

      I would like to have the ability to watch Sky in 2 rooms in our house in Qatar.  Do I need to buy 2 Sling boxes and connect each to the sky boxes in the UK and hardwire (ethernet cable) to the router?  Would I also need to buy 2 Sling catchers, one for the living room and one for the bedroom in Qatar.  (my husband and I watch different things).


      I have been trying to look into this and desperatly trying to contact Slingbox, but the line keeps cutting off.


      Please can someone help with this.  What Slingbox's would provide the best picture quality also.


      Sorry to be so blonde but I really am getting confused.