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    Manual Network Configuration?

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      I recently purchased a Slingbox 500, and am very excited to start using it!  Unfortunately, the device wants to automatically setup my network along with its own network configuration.  My network uses a Cisco ASA device, which does not support UPnP, nor DHCP Reservations.


      I have worked around the DHCP Reservation issue, and believe that the LAN address for the Slingbox is effectively static.  I have done port forwarding externally to the Slingbox on port 5201 (cannot verify this is the correct port.)


      The Slingbox continues to get stalled on initial setup with the error message:  Cannot connect to the Internet.  Of course, it really is connected to the Internet, the device is just not finding a UPnP router to configure.


      I am not finding a "Manual Setup" button anywhere, and searching in all of the forums, FAQ's, and help on the website does not come up with anything helpful.  I have seen a lot of posts from other users with the same problems, but no answers which resolve the issue.  Any and all help would be appreciated.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Slingbox 350/500/M1 are all DHCP or nothing for network setup.  If the Cisco ASA can't support DHCP reservations, you have a bit of a problem.  You might be able to add another router (e.g. a consumer router) that does support DHCP reservations and port forward to that which then forwards to the Slingbox, but that's adding extra complexity.


          Otherwise you need a Slingbox that's older than a 350/500/M1, which are getting less and less support as Sling Inc. moves forward.