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    How to get rid of on-screen YouTube app message?

    nuspieds Newbie

      Since the Nov. 2014 firmware update, every time I turn on my TV I get the Slingbox message about the YouTube app at the bottom of the screen.

      No problem if it being displayed one time only, but it is always appearing every time I turn on my TV!!!  Worse, when it disappears, it causes a loss of video signal to my TV for about a second!

      Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is there any way whatsoever to get rid of this **** message?!

      I did a hardware reset and, sure enough, the message no longer appeared but after it eventually got to doing its firmware update, the misery returned.  If there was also a way to stop the firmware update or make it manual, that would also help.

      In the meantime, it is very annoying and am now starting to think of dumping the Slingbox and just sticking to viewing downloaded content via my DirecTV GenieGO.

      Perhaps (hopefully) the message disappears after "x" amount of time after the firmware has been updated and if so, please let me know if you have seen it disappear.