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    Slingplayer will no longer auto-adjust properly


      The slingplayer on PC browsers (through slingbox.com) will not auto-adjust downward quaility properly with auto quality setting.  When there is a hiccup in network speed, the player used to adjust to a lower quality until the speed comes back and adjust back to high quality.   Now since last November or so, the player now gets "stuck" when it tries to adjust to low quality.  Video and sound just start to sputter and the only way I can correct it is to interact with the virtual remote to "kick start" a new buffer.   Then the stream comes back at the lower quality.   When it needs to adjust again to high quality it adjusts upwards with no issue.   But always an the downward (lower) quality adjustment , it stalls.   This is extrememly annoying..happens every 20 minutes or so.


      I typically use chrome as the browser, but the same happens on Firefox as well.  All my drivers are up to date nothing seems to help.   Can anyone suggest anything?