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    Interested in SlingBox, but need a recomendation

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      I have two houses and want to setup a SlingBox at the house where I pay for my cable. At the other house, I want to put a device on my TV there that will connect to the SlingBox to view Cable TV and be easy to use for my non technical wife and small kids.  I can't seem to get a straight answer as to what might work best here. 


      Any suggestions?

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          After reading some more.   Could I get a Slingbox for the Cable TV, then a SljngTV for the remote house?

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              JohnKeller Newbie

              Hello Rdabate1976,


              It sounds to me like a Slingbox would be the perfect solution for your needs.  What I would recommend to accompany your Slingbox would be the Amazon FireTV.  It's a relatively inexpensive connected device that hooks right to your television at the remote location away from the Slingbox.  There are other connected devices that would allow you to access your Slingbox away from home (i.e. Roku, Chromecast), but in my opinion, the FireTV is the most self-contained. With the Roku and Chromecast, you are also required to have a mobile device, such as an Android or Apple, with the SlingPlayer application installed on it.  That way, you can cast from your mobile device to either the Roku or Chromecast.  With the Amazon FireTV, you do not need the secondary device.  The SlingPlayer application is available directly through the FireTV.


              As far as what Slingbox to recommend, our two current models are the Slingbox 500 and M1.  Either one will function in the way that you need, however the M1 is definitely more cost effective.  Here is are a few great resources to check out which will help you break down the differences between our two current Slingbox products:


              Slingbox Comparison

              Slingbox FAQs


              Hope you found this information to be helpful!