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    What software would you like to use on your SlingBox 500?


      Greetings Fellow Slingers,


      Just wanted to open a thread to share thoughts and ideas with the community in order to "encourage" the developers

      at SlingMedia to consider some additions to the software that ships with the SlingBox 500.


      A little background first: I've owned a SlingBox since it first hit the market (I guess over or close to a decade ago?)

      and have used it to the fullest extent possible. Hotel rooms, trips to visit friends who don't have a TV!??, downtime

      at work, waiting at DMV, you get the idea.


      I decided recently that the lack of HDMI In/Out was a compelling enough reason to plunk down $300USD for the

      SlingBox 500.


      First Impressions:

      Although the wavy design of the unit itself is cool, it doesn't lend itself well to stacking it with other A/V components,

      and routers and such. No big deal though.


      What I am pretty disappointed by is the built-in software to view YouTube and Blockbuster (are they still in business??)

      My "SmartTV" came with a web-browser, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and access to tons of free apps in the Samsung

      app store. I recently discovered the world of IPTV, but I'll save that for another post (but it's something you should Google

      if you want to watch International TV and own a Smart TV).


      I guess my point is this: The SlingBox basic functionality hasn't changed, but the number of web apps that people use

      on their tv has multiplied exponentially since SlingBox first came out.


      I would love to see an App Store for Sling Media and would be willing to pay .99 cents up to a few bucks for some good



      As a computer programmer myself I doubt that it would take much effort to port many apps for use in the SlingBox.


      What are your thoughts on the subject?