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    Manual port assignment on Slingbox 350


      It seems that the Slingbox 350 has an auto configure mechanism where it selects the port (5201) and if the router is configured for UPnP then the router will perform an auto port forwarding task.

      This is great and it worked well on my setup.  I can remotely stream the slingbox.


      I do wonder if I can still manually assign the slingbox port (and then manually port forward on my router) so I can maybe optimize my streaming capabilities. I found in the past if I used say port 443 on the slingbox, the ISP did NOT throttle this port when traversing the internet.  Could the ISPs out there know that slingboxes use 5201 and limit the bandwidth??  If they do they will never admit it.....so again I was wondering if I had a play with the slingbox ports, could that improve my speeds?