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    The Annoying Advertisement on the Web Based Slingplayer

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      Is there a way to eliminate this annoying piece of junk advertisement that comes up when you start the web based slingplayer?


      It is currently not ending when I try to watch my TV on slingplayer.  The advertisement continues in a never ending loop and the audio is drowning out my TV viewing.


      I have the Slingbox 500.  We need a separate PC based program like we used to have instead of this stupid web based program that is required to watch the Slingbox 500.  I am so annoyed with Slingbox that if there was an alternative, I would switch to it in the blink of an eye.  Does anybody know of another product that does what Slingbox does?


      I've purchased 4 slingboxes tover the years.  It is pure highway robbery that they want to charge for me to call them up and get help.

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          Ads are unacceptable in a product that is not marketed as advertising supported.


          I purchased the product and did not enter into a contract to view advertisements in order to view the device my Slingbox is connected to.


          This is a clear bait & switch tactic from Sling Media.


          I used to recommend Slingbox to my friends but now I regret that.  I am going to start telling people to stay away from this company.

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            Yes, how does one eliminate the ads especially if they are taking up space for viewing the picture.  I was going to buy one but it looks like I have to go somewhere else and the lack of any response from Slingbox for this problem shows disdain to the customers.  Not to mention, I have seen all your one star reviews and I will not waste money to look at advertisements.  Shame on Slingbox for taking their customers to the cleaners, more importantly false advertising by not informing about these ads so customewrs could decline upgrades and to avoid purchasing.  Looks like the time has come where we should all ditch the cable and technology associated with it and go back to roof top antennas.  The tv industry has taken away to much from the consumer, is trying to controlt he consumer etc.  Now let the consumer show who has the power by letting their products just sit on the store shelves and let the companies that produce them go bankrupt.  As for me, just changed my mind about getting a sling box and cancelling my cable subscription at our vacation home..