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    Splingbox hangs on initializing. Please help.


      My sling player was working fine just yesterday. And now when I go to slingbox.com on Safari or Chrome, it just hangs on the initializing screen, indefinitely. I have read all of the suggested fixes. I'm not behind a firewall. There are no privacy settings suddenly blocking anything. My flash player is up to date, as is my software.


      There are a couple of tricky catches here. First, if I use a VPN, it works. If I use my VPN service to change my network/IP, it works most of the time (on most networks but not all). Also, if I use the VPN to get past the initializing screen, I can then disconnect the VPN, and it works fine on my own network (which is not the network the sling box is on. So this is not an issue of it working on the same network as the sling box). It also works fine on my girlfriend's computer, and on my tablet. And I've reset my router so that it assigns me a new IP-address, which it has done.


      So, basically, I'm totally confused. Somehow, my computer is not pushing past the initializing screen, unless I use a VPN. So it can't be something wrong with a plugin or something, because then it would fail on all networks. And it can't just be my network, because other computers can connect to the sling box on this network. And it can't just be something fundamentally wrong with my computer, because if I use a VPN, it works fine. And it's not like anything on my computer, or on my network, has changed suddenly in the last day or so.