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    Q iPad App OK but Mac with Safari Not Streaming Adequately

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      I have a Slingbox 500 connected to an Xfinity System and super fast Comcast broadband in Houston that I access from my home in the U.K.  The upload speed of 12 mbps on my internet connection in Houston has generally been sufficient to achieve a decent quality viewing experience in the U.K., even with a download internet speed in the U.K. of only 11.4 mbps.  However, recently I have had problems with viewing through Safari on a Mac Mini attached to my TV in my living room.  The download hangs frequently, switches awkwardly back and forth between quality levels and in general is unviewable.  I am running OS X Yosemite and have the most recent version of all software and the Sling plug-ins.  I tried both Firefox, which was worse, and Chrome, which offered no improvement.  I had my wife reset the cable modem in Houston and run a speed test which showed good speeds.  What is strange is that if I watch TV on the Sling app on my iPad the quality is pretty good--not perfect with occasional hangs, but acceptable.  Can anyone help me with how I can solve this problem?  While watching on an iPad is OK, it doesn't work very well for multiple people and I would obviously like to be able to see the programming on my big screen TV in the U.K.


      Many thanks in advance for any help.


      Erik Hansen