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    Stream form computer to tv?

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           I have a sling box 240 and the links.  I would like to stream my movies from my computer to my television.  Any help with this would be appreciated.  That is what I purchased the sling box for.  Everyone seems to want to want it the other way around.  Thanks you for your help in advance.



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          sakisson Novice

          Hi, I suppose you are referring to slingbox AV and it will not work for many reasons a) you need a video card with composite or component output on your pc so that any slingbox can pick the video signal ( with a good video card is possible ) b) but in order to project the video to your TV you need another device such as ( WD media player - Sony google TV - or FireTv from Amazon ) but the slingbox AV im afraid is not compatible , for more info about those devices and compatible slingboxes check this link Slingbox.com - SlingPlayer for Connected Devices FAQ & Help