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    NIC Specs of the 350, 500, and m1 (10/100 OR 10/100/1000) Gigabit ethernet?


      2 years ago I called your 866 number and had a lovely dicsussion about what NIC was in the Pro-HD. I was upset then, that I had to call at all, and I couldn't just look at it on your website.


      Today, I called again for the 350, 500, and the m1, because again it is not on your website. However, apparently, now your support staff is also not given any information on the product you sell. This is beyond abusrd. I asked to be escalated to a Supervisor hoping maybe I just got an unknowledgable tech, yet the Supervisor also had no idea what NIC was in the m1 or anything else. Since I know the Pro-HD has a 10/100, I apparently know more than your Supervisors !?!?!???


      The Supervisor directed me to these forums. Seriously? You send your customers to the forums for a spec question that should be on your main website?!?!??


      I then called corporate, and was directed to the front desk to be directed to the appropriate area. I then recieved a message that the Front Desk was unavailable. Seriously !?!!?!!????


      This should be a 30 sec task to determine what NIC type is in the M1, Yet I'm now going on 30 mins. This is atrocious. How can you sell products to customers and not tell them what tech you are using. This is horrific, and a slap in the face to your customers.

      I no longer care what NIC card is in the M1, or any other Slingbox as I will be destroying my Pro-HD with a hammer, and buying a roamio with stream.


      But, for all your other would be customers, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL US WHAT NIC SPEED YOU USE IN THE 350, 500, and M! !!!!!?!?!??!?!!!!!??!!!

      Also, what wifi it supports.


      The information I'm looking for should be on the following page, shame on you for not having it there:

      Slingbox.com - Slingbox M1 - Specs