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    Slingbox solo wont finish setup

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      Hi Support,


      Im trying to use my Slingbox solo that I purchased quite some time ago.  Since this is a hosted free service, and your product is faulty, I'm searching for a quick resolve to my problem.  I have Verizon Fios Quatum 50mbps+ so please do NOT question my connection.  I goto Watch my slingbox online, it states I need to setup my solo.  I gets to the step where I'm supposed to search for my cable box, I see my TV in the little screen, but 5 seconds later the network lights go out and begin blinking and I'm told I've been disconnected.


      This has happened 10 times now, and 5 resets later.  I paid money for this product, it is not okay to advise the IT support is billable if it is simple your product that is not functioning.  I've watched the port forwarding how too's however there is no more manual setup for my slingbox that YOU offer.  Please contact me via this post and advise how I can get my slingbox working, your service working.  I don't think you will wish to proceed with no support on a $200 product when the consumer is not at fault.  time now is Sunday February 22nd 4:25 EST. thanks