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    Component Input not working for Pro HD with Verizon Fios ARRIS VMS1100 Cable Box




      I just moved and am trying to set up my Slingbox Pro HD using component input from a Verizon Fios ARRIS VMS1100 Cable Box.  I cannot get any video signal on the Slingbox from the Component Input.  I do get the audio.  I verified my Component Cables are ok by checking continuity end-to-end with a multimeter, and also by hooking them up to my TV - I get good video on my TV with the Component output from the cable box - this  also shows that my cable box is successfully outputting both the Component signal and HDMI signal at the same time.  I was also successfully able to get video on my Slingbox using the yellow Composite input - but this is not HD.


      I tried a factory reset - this did not do anything.


      Everything worked at my old house with a different Verizon Fios cable box (don't remember the model).  Does anybody know what is going on?  I can't imagine it's a compatibility issue with the new cable box since the Component cables worked on my TV, which is over 5 years old.


      Help please!  Thanks.