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    slingbox 500 poor picture color quality

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      Sling masters,  I recently purchased a 500 and installed it prior to moving to S Korea for work.  That said, from the first day I installed it I noticed the picture seemed to be lacking the ability to show green colors?  I assumed this was possibly a TV / displayed compatibility issue and just accepted less quality as it was better than nothing; however, yesterday I visited a friend here in Korea who has exactly the same issue?  Now I'm wondering if this can be fixed with a setting change?  Currently I have both HDMI and component cables books up to my sling Xbox back in the states.... When I try to run through HDMi cable, the screen jumps frequently and the sound doesn't work.  When I run through component cables screen doesn't jump, sound word fine but picture color lacks green???  Anybody have any idea to to fix the color quality in co.opponent cables?  Do you think removing the HDMI cable all together may help?  Thanks in advance for any insight