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    312  movies w verizon in mylibrary

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      I understand negative about technical stuff. I'm so bad when you try explaining things to me the technical stuff converted to organic matter just so i wouldn't touch it.

      The only reason i haven't canceled Verizon is bc of the 312 movies i bought and are in MYlibrary. When i end of the contract stated I could download and store the movie I purchased. But it also says that Verizon has the right to change the terms and conditions of the contract anytime they want. Apparently over the last 4 years they change the terms and conditions and, as I do with the 48 pieces of mail they send me each week I must have thrown the notice out.


      So far as I know there is nothing I can do to keep those more than six thousand dollars worth of movies oh my god that's so embarrassing.


      I thought the Slingbox would be able to record it, that whatever I played from my Verizon cable box slingbox would be able to record it. I'm really hoping I didn't misunderstand it. If I did I'm taking it back as I'm not that much of a TV watcher to begin with. We just really like watching movies on the weekends maybe once in awhile during the week at night.


      I was considering buying a cell phone holder playing each movie at night after everyone fell asleep and setting it up and recording it directly onto my phone and then using chromecast to send a movie from my phone to the TV. However that sounds kinda tacky and ghetto. Like the cat might walk by and it'd be like watching those cheap pirate DVDs from somebody who in the back of a theater with a camcorder filming the screen then selling the discs 3 for 10 bucks. I paid 20 bucks for each one of those movies.

      Its disgusting that I'm paying over $300 a month just to hold on to them! not nearly as disgusting as what Verizon is doing, saying you can buy the movie for $20, then not letting you take that movie with you when you leave Verizon, that you're really only paying $20 for them to let you view their legal copy of the movie, but still pretty disgusting if I can figure it out soon enough I'll just have to let it go

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          Hello t2thedoc,


          What it sounds like to me is that you are looking for DVR functionality within the Slingbox.  Currently, the Slingbox is only designed to stream your audio/video source.  If you own a DVR-capable cable-box, you can use your Slingbox to access any programs you've already recorded, as well as use the virtual remote to set up new recordings.  However, those recordings will be saved to your DVR cable-box, not directly to the Slingbox itself. 


          Unfortunately, that means that you will not be able to use the Slingbox to salvage the movies you purchased through Verizon.


          Check out this useful article with all sorts of information on basic Slingbox usage, functionality, and setup: