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    Chromecast Issues with 350/M1

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      I've a 350 and an M1 and over the past nine months ive been experiencing various issues when attempting to cast to the chromecast. I have a 240mb connection and port forwarding is not the answer to this. After your update in Dec/Jan resolved the "unable to connect (2)" issue im now experiencing a new issue -- When i select to cast to the chromecast the slingbox disconnects itself (light disappears on the front of the box) and it will not connect. Ive experienced this issue on several slingboxes using different chromecasts


      Can you please advise if this is a known issue and if a fix is on the way? Im getting really frustrate by all the chromecast issues, most notably a lack of suport from the sling team and im beginning to think that switching to roku is the only option