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    Still problems with wi connection :( please help !!!


      Hi dear friends. Still fighting all the day with tests with my sling M1. After 1h with the European customer service and 20 with us I am still in the same situation.

      Actually I am using the sling at home so in local and every 5-10 using my iPad or IPhone well connected with the sling box the circle icon appear twice and I am disconnect. After that I need to reconnect again but unfortunately 80% of the cases I need to reboot the sling box also if I have T1 connection. After that the situation come back like before for 5-10 minutes more.

      Strange with the laptop the disconnections are less frequents (no idea why).

      I tested also with the Ethernet connection and in this case all is fine but this is a major problem for me because I can't stay a lot with this cable in the middle of my house.

      What can I do to don't be disconnected very 10 minutes?

      If I have these problems when I travel it will be impossible for me to reboot the sling and I will be out of connection :(((

      Please help me!