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    Directory Limitations?


      Is there a limitation to how many devices can be in a directory at any given time?  I have dozens of devices that I want to add.





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          I haven't been on the forum in a while, and I see there seems to be less and less traffic.  Maybe that's just the circles in which I run!



          A company I work for has hundreds of slingbox devices in the access directory, made up of newer (SB500/SB350) and older classic devices.  We primarily use both the web access and the older desktop client for Slinbox connections.  I have never heard of any numerical limitation, but with the PC client s/w, starting with vs 2.0, the device directory is not on the PC, and has to be downloaded.  Sometimes that download is very slow and take a while before the directory access pops up on the screen.  Realize, that is with hundreds of slingbox devices, not just a dozen or so.

          Of course, I have had recent problems with the Newwatch web connection.  it will not allow me to select, and therefor connect to any device.  Have you seen that issue lately?