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    Loss of signal

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      I'm a real novice.  Been using Slingbox (M1) for six weeksto help stimulate my very sick wife. Great purchase and No  problem till 5 days ago. Now Loses connection continuously with msg that says check that device (Ipad) and Slingbox are connected to the Internet.  They are with strong signal indicator on Ipad.  Haven't changed anything.  Using FIOS and only in home.  Appreciate some expert help.  Thanks, Beachmon

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          britt.sling Apprentice

          Hello Beachmon,


          I understand you are receiving a message that states to make sure your Device and Slingbox are connected to the internet. This happens sometimes with electronic devices such as, an iPad, or android tablet. Most often the fix is as simple as turning the WiFi off on the iPad and turning it back on. This allows the iPad to get a refreshed connection to your network. If that fails, below is an article that will walk you though Uninstalling/ reinstalling the application; you will not be charged for the app again:



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