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    Connecting to Xfinity X1 Box to Slingbox 500


      I have the XFinity X1 cable box/system and Slingbox 500.  I find that remote viewing using my iPad Air app that I can no longer change channels by picking Favorites or Gallery etc.  The only method that works is clicking the actual channels on the Comcast Silver Remote icon.  My new XFinity remote is black and much different in design.  I haven't seen anything about a Slingbox app upgrade to recognize this new system.  I also had a lot of issues connecting HDMI cables between the Slingbox and X1 box.  The issue was that X1 was always rebooting.  When I removed the HDMI and relied solely on the cables then the X1 box preformed properly.  Any thoughts on these issues?  Maybe my settings are wrong?  Thanks.