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    Strange disconnections for Slingbox M1


      Dear all,

      finally i have with me my new M1.

      I am so happy about the new item and in effect the quality of the image is really nice also if in Europe the decoders are still without the hd component cables so i need to use the old white red and white.

      In any case after several test i have 2 concerns.


      1) sometimes using the sling player in my pc i have some disconnection of the Slingbox. When i try to reconnect the message is "internet poor or no connection". This is strange because i have full internet connection a T1 and when the sling is working the connection is arount 7.000Kbps. The only way to reconnect is start a new procedure of configuration and after 3-4 back all is ok again and i reconnect. In any case is not normal.


      2) Other little problem is using the Iphone and the Ipad application. Yesterday it was impossible to connect. Please take in account I was just in other room so in local and not in remote. I was oblige to take off the power of the sling and reconnect again. Of course at home is fine but imagine if i am abroad...... it will be impossible to resolve the problem.


      Can you help me with that?

      Thanks for the suggestions