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    My Slingbox Pro HD has suddenly stopped working.....

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      I have two Slingboxes; A Slingbox Pro and a Slingbox Pro HD.  I live in the UK but have a holiday home in Malta (a small island in Southern Europe).  All my PCs run XP.  For some reason my Slingbox Pro HD has suddenly stopped working.  When I log en I log into my account I can see the device but I'm unable to connect to it.

      I've tried disconnecting it from the power supply and then re-connecting but that doesn't help.

      I'm now thinking of uninstalling the device and re-installing it ut have no idea how to go about this.

      1)  Does anyone have any other suggestions before I embark on the un-install/re-install exercise?

      2) Can Anyone help with guidance as to how I should go about un-installing and re-installing?

      Many thanks,




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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey Andrew,


          Are you able to connect to your units from a different computer? Windows XP is not supported for viewing from our website. This article will explain what computer operating systems and browser versions that are supported.



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            In spring 2015 after 4 years of flawless use I experienced the same " sudden death of Slingbox pro HD " which I purchased in Canada in May 2011. Since that generation of excellent product is no longer supported, self investigation became necessary.

            The symptoms where incorrect LAN network LED, and slingbox could not be found on the local LAN.

            After some engineering investigation, I found the external AC/DC power supply measuring the adequate 5Vdc output when not loaded, was no longer able to provide the necessary load current, consequently dropping voltage to insufficient levels. This condition was surprizing since the unit has been powered by a UPS since initial installation. It is possible however that the external 10 Watts power supply operates at the limit of it's design capability, and eventually deteriorated.

            I purchased a new external power supply specified for 20watts. I connected this new power supply and SlingBox Pro HD unit reloaded perfectly with its original settings still there. I continue using it now. This SlingBox Pro HD has all the 3 necessary inputs I want (Coax, Component, Composite) which newer models dont have. I am happy I could extend SlingBox pro life.

            Prior to my findings, I investigated through this community to find similar experiences. see Sudden death of Slingbox LAN interface / iPhone... | Slingbox Answers Forum

            Some concluded that an Electrolytic Capacitor inside SlingBox pro was under too much internal heat and had insufficient voltage overhead. It is possible that some users had "popped" Capacitor but I doubt it has anything to do with it's voltage level or operating temperature. I suspect however that the external power supply may have generated a voltage overshoot causing the capacitor to pop.