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    Password Problem


      I am currently logged in on a networked computer 1500 miles from home (and my Slingbox).  When I select "Watch" I am taken immediately to programming via my Slingbox.


      Yesterday the other computer on the network crashed while loading Windows updates, to the point that I had to move it to a restore point prior to the updates.


      Now when I try to bring up Slingbox on that computer, it asks for a password.  And it rejects my password, which has some special characters in it.


      I tried to follow the instructions for resetting my password, but I cannot get to a screen with "Directory on the left."  I am also reluctant to change the password, too, since it is working fine on this computer.  I would hate to lock myself out of both of them.


      When did Slingbox stop accepting special characters in passwords?  I do not understand how I was able to set up such a password but now cannot use it.