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    HDMI Adapter Availability (gang-hu)?


      I have a 350.  I just got converted to the Xfinity X1 which has no component output.  When I ordered it I requested that I get a box that had such output.  When they came to put it in they told me it is now nearly impossible to get one because all of the newer boxes are just HDMI (and composite).


      Anyway, the following articles on the Slingbox website recommend a device from gang-hu.com which looks like exactly what I want:


      Slingbox.com - Using an HDMI video source with the Slingbox 500


      Its an HDMI splitter with 1 HDMI out and 1 component out.  So, I went and ordered it almost a month ago and have not heard anything from gang-hu since (fortunately they did not charge my CC yet).  I've sent them several emails and have heard nothing.


      I did a could of chats with Slingbox support asking if they knew if gang-hu was still in business.  They said as far as they knew they were.  I suggested they look into it and if gang-hu is gone they should remove the link from their support pages.  Obviously, the links are still there.


      Has anyone ordered from gang-hu.com recently?  Anyone know their status?  Anyone know of a similar device offered by another company (for a reasonable price)?


      Thanks in advance