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    Low Bitrate and Port Forwarding


      Hi All,


      I just bought an M1 last week, but I'm having some trouble with it. The device is set up in Connecticut, I'm in Washington, D.C..


      The issue is that, when I was on the same network as the device, I had great quality streaming at ~8000 kbps, but outside of CT, my bitrate has dropped to about 400kbps. The device is wired directly into the router. I realize that being on a different network is going to make a difference, but should it really drop that much? This is the case on both my iPhone and my Macbook Pro. I believe the upload speed at the source is about 50mpbs.


      The only reason I can think of that may cause this is the fact that the router at the source, which is a Motorolla NVG 589, does not support UPnP, which may(?) be leading to a port forwarding issue. On the other hand, I thought that I wouldn't get any video at all outside of the slingbox's network if I had any port issues.


      Any guidance is greatly appreciated.




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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice



          When it comes to port issues, you do generally have either very poor quality, or you end up with no audio or video. In this situation, you have the lesser of two evils.


          Port Forwarding should fix this for you, to be honest. Of course, you'll have to do this from the home location, but yes, port issues really can cause the major dip in bitrate that you are seeing.


          I hope this helps!