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    Set up internet viewing dilemma


      A couple years ago I set up Slingbox to transfer local tv from my "home" computer to my "away" computer which is in a different state and everything worked fine.  Since then I got a new router at home (and obvoiusly got Error 0x8007274C when I tried to load the Sling program on my away computer) and I eventually got a new away computer when my first one died.  I'd like to be able to view local TV again but from everything I've read I need to bring my away computer home in order to set up internet viewing on my home network.  I'm going back home this weekend and I'm trying to find any way to avoid lugging home my away computer (unfortunately it's a desktop).  Is there any way around this?  It's been years so I don't recall the install procedure but is there a way I could load the necessary files onto a flash drive and install them on my away computer at a later time?  I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but I'm holding out hope that somebody here knows a way to MacGyver this thing so I don't have to pay to check a bag.  Thanks a ton for anybody that can help me out.



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          If your Slingbox is still able to provide local network viewing, then all you need to do is to configure its local router.  You'll have to enable both UDP and TCP port forwarding to your Slingbox's private IP address within the router's firewall rules.