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    Slingbox 500 and Watch on TV

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      Hello Friends;

      I want to share my problems and troubleshooting steps are below.


      I have purchase slingbox 500, Slingplayer for ipad, AppleTV and Chromecast. My slingbox connected to the network via ethernet cable ( not wireless ) I have tested AppleTV and Chromecast devices with the applications such as Plex, Youtube etc.. All applications streaming videos from Galaxy Note3 and Ipad with 16:9 format to the Samsung and LG TV's. So i don't have any issue streaming movies and videos from this devices to the TV's


      But when i try streaming from Slingplayer for Ipad or Slingplayer for android to the AppleTV or Chromecast, i can't get 16:9 aspect ratio. If anyone don't know resolution i can say Slingplayer don't support 16:9 streaming like Plex, youtube applications etc..


      P.S : Slingbox connected to the Satalite Receiver via both HDMI and Composite cables.


      Have a nice day to everyone..