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    Getting help?

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      Does anyone have any idea how to get in touch with tech support. I click on links from questions in the forum and I get page not found. I downloaded the latest slingplayer 2.0 for Windows and clicked on a support link and got..you guessed it--page not found. Every single link sends me back to another page telling me to go somewhere else. I am finding this to be a really half baked product with a lot of potential however, if no one is available to assist with anything then its going back in the box and back to the retailer, I do not have time t sift through pages and pages of forums and videos just to be able to connect via the Internet. And what in the name of gawd is up with the $15 charge to get it on my Ipad? Does that come with commercials too?

      I love a tech challenge but not when I am sitting down to relax!

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          brittany.sling Newbie

          Hey Rick,


          Sorry to hear you are not able to get in touch with Sling Media. In order to reach us please visit:  http://www.slingbox.com/ContactUS In order to view our contact information properly please be sure you are logged into your account in the top right hand corner of your screen.


          From what you explained above it sounds like you are having are having trouble connecting via Internet. To help you connect here is a link with helpful information: http://support.slingbox.com/sitecore/content/Support/KB/KB-1000241?sc_lang=en-US


          In addition to your last concern about the $15 charge to get access on your iPad, this is a one time fee for application. Once you have purchased and installed the application you would be able to stream your TV on your phone free of charge.


          Hope this helps!